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Are you planning a gazebo or deck building project? Perhaps you've already purchased a set of drawings or have a rough idea for a design of your own. If so, is your source for complete and accurate gazebo and deck building information. We'll show you how to get the job done right. Testimonials

Whether you need step-by-step guidance throughout your gazebo or deck building project, or are looking for specific help in areas like sizing footings, selecting lumber, deck building for hot tubs, multi-level decks, roof framing, and more, has the information you need to make sure your gazebo or deck building project turns out great. We guarantee that with all the tables and expert advice on, you'll be able to build with confidence and pride knowing your gazebo and deck building project not only will adhere to building codes, but will also last a lifetime will look beautiful too!

Helpful Gazebo & Deck Building Information

Although store bought deck building plans are great for giving you a general idea as to how your deck will look, we've yet to find a set of deck building plans that didn't suffer from major errors. Designers of generic gazebo and deck building plans have to make many general assumptions about soil type and design loads. If you have less than perfect soil and/or are building a deck or gazebo in an area that gets snow, the lumber, footing, and bolt sizes recommended in pre-packaged deck building plans won't work. Even if you're lucky enough to live in a warm climate with great soil, pre-packaged deck building plans are woefully lacking in sufficient detail and accuracy to help you get the job done right.

On the other hand, you may be planning on designing your own gazebo or deck building project. The information on has been specifically tailored for gazebo and deck building. It's information that quite simply can't be found anywhere else. If your deck building project calls for cantilevering joists or beams, designing for snow loads or hot tubs, building multiple levels, or anything in-between, has the help you need. Along the way, we'll point out lots of deck building tips that will not only make your job easier, but will also ensure your deck remains trouble-free for a lifetime.

Expert Gazebo & Deck Building Advice

Written by a General Contractor with a degree in mathematics and a background in mechanical engineering, combines hands-on deck building know-how with the results of extensive research. Rather than relying on "rules of thumb" or generalized tables, BestDeckSite marries the results from extensive code and design publication research with the experience of a professional builder. The result is exceptionally accurate, detailed, and practical gazebo and deck building advice. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to construction, all the gazebo and deck building information you need is right here.

Gazebo & Deck Building Tutorials For Everyone

The gazebo and deck building information on BestDeckSite is laid out in three levels to allow readers to choose the amount of detail they want. Sections beginning with paragraphs entitled “General Guidelines” are for those who want simplified, easy to understand gazebo and deck building information. Following the General Guidelines section, readers will discover intermediate gazebo and deck building information that contains straightforward tables and examples to help with more involved gazebo and deck building designs. And finally, for those designing complex projects, there are “technical” sections featuring detailed engineering calculations and representative deck building and gazebo building case examples.

Happy Gazebo & Deck Building

Here's wishing you clear skies and straight lumber as you hammer your way through your gazebo or deck building project!


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